Tiredy Tiger

Watercolour painting of sleepy tiger on A3 watercolour paper

Zebra Zen

'Zebra Zen' in watercolours

Lashes and Splashes

'Lashes and Splashes' in watercolour

Lips and Lashes

'Lips and Lashes' in watercolours

‘Simba’s Siesta’ in watercolours, now fi

'Simba's Siesta' in watercolours

Roo Rescue

'Roo Rescue' in watercolours on A3 watercolour paper

Koala's Keeper

'Koala's Keeper' in watercolours

Ice baby

'Ice Baby' in watercolour A3 sized

'Selma the Seal pup'

'Selma the Seal pup' in watercolour

Randolph the reindeer

Randolph the Reindeer, in watercolours