Hogs and Kisses (2)

Hogs and Kisses in watercolour

Honey Bunnies (2)

Honey Bunnies in watercolour

Otterly Inseparable (2)

Otterly Inseperable in watercolours

Meeting of the Monarchs

Battling Red Deer in watercolours Prints available to order

Three Mouseketeers

'Three Mouseketeers' in watercolours on A3 Watercolour paper

Smokey Squirrel

'Smokey Squirrel' in watercolours on A3 watercolour paper

‘Baby Bunny’ in watercolours , finished!

'Baby Bunny' in watercolours

Herbie Hare

'Herbie Hare' in watercolours

'Selma the Seal pup'

'Selma the Seal pup' in watercolour

'Stirling Stag' Available in Print

Tig! You're it!

'Tig! You're it!' in watercolours. Now available in print.

'Hark Back Hare' Available in Print

'Stormy Stag' Available in print

'Hedgy the Hog'

'Badger's Ramble'

'Reynard the Red' Available in Print

'Squiffy the Squirrel'

'Tarka's Twist' Available in Print

'Hopscotch Hare' SOLD Available in Print

'Float like a Butterfly' SOLD Available in print

Love Wars

'Love Wars' Water colour painting on A3 watercolour paper, now available in print.

Hot Potato Hare

'Hot potato Hare' in watercolours