'Dairy Daisy' Available in Print

Isobel's Bairn

'Isobel's Bairn' in watercolours Available in print

'Give me the Mooo- nlight'

'Give me the Mooo-nlight' in watercolours. Now available in print.

Buttermere Herdy

'Buttermere Herdy' in watercolours

'Alpaca Pickle'

McTavish the Black

'McTavish the Black' in watercolours Available in print

'Gentle Jenny' Available in Print

Little White Bull

Little White Bull Watercolours Available in print

'Badger-faced Lambs'

'Pleased to Meet Moo'

'A Wee Moo-thful'

A Great set of udders_edited

'A Great Set of Udders' Acrylics on canvas Also available in print.

'Welsh Black'

'Nosy Pig'

'Mother's Love'

This little piggy

'This little Piggy' in watercolours

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